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The CHROMA Token

Introducing the ColorFuse NFT CHROMA Token!

CHROMA is the token used by the ColorFuse NFT project for staking rewards, liquidity and more. As the project evolves more use cases may be introduced for the CHROMA token in the future.

Swap, Buy, Liquidity & Farming:

CHROMA token is officially verified on these Cardano DEX platforms.



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CHROMA LP Farming is now live on Minswap!

CHROMA Token Initial Distribution:

The first airdrop took place on (7-13-2023) to all current holders of at least one ColorFuse NFT. This airdrop included about 20% of the available tokens. This 20% only went to wallets holding a ColorFuse NFT. The more rare your ColorFuse NFT, the more CHROMA received from this 20% supply. We will also did some giveaways related to the airdrop. (See tokenomics below for more details on CHROMA).

The airdrop is over and tokens have been distributed.

How to Join the Airdrop…

Purchase a ColorFuse NFT and be holding this NFT in your wallet on 7-13-2023. That’s it!

A snapshot will take place on this day, and CHROMA tokens will be distributed shortly after.

AirDrop Breakdown:

The more rare the NFT the more Chroma tokens you will receive.

Below shows the amount of CHROMA given/airdropped per NFT depending on rarity variation. Learn more about ColorFuse NFT rarity

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CHROMA  Token Icon/Logo

CHROMA Tokenomics:

A low fixed supply of 3,500,000 (3.5 million) CHROMA tokens exist.

Official Launch Date: 7-13-2023 (Max supply already minted)

Total Supply: 3,500,000

Max Supply: 3,500,000

Type: Fixed Supply

Blockchain: Cardano

Symbol: CHROMA
Policy ID:  4d8469c80677574a5dd23b0fdd0eb0057fb6ce4e20cf21c7e8655f95

Chroma token distribution chart

20% Initial Airdrop (To all ColorFuse NFT holders on 7-13-2023)

65% NFT Staking Rewards & Liquidity Pools (Starting shortly after airdrop)

10% Reserves

5% Marketing Expenses & Team

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