Frequently Asked Questions

How many editions will be created?

This is a new project and to start we have our first edition. Depending on demand, we plan to release more editions in the future featuring other artist works. There really is no limit on the number of editions that could be created.

How many traits?

Our first edition has (4) traits including rarity, work title, variation, and unique identifying desc. To learn more about these traits and rarity see our individual collections page.

When is the minting, how to purchase and cost?

Our plan is to do on demand minting starting April 2023. Meaning we will mint about 10% of the total NFTs upfront. Once one sells another will be minted on the jpg.store to take its place until all copies are minted. 

Our price will start at only 15 ADA for a 1 of 50 Chilled variation, going up from here depending on rarity. You can purchase once released on jpg.store using Cardano ADA.

Do these NFTs offer any utility or use?

At launch these NFTs can be used as rare collectables, displayed in many metaverse projects and basically any way you'd utilize other NFT artwork.

See our home page for more about how to use these NFTs

Introducing the CHROMA token. This Cardano based token has a max supply of only 3,500,000 tokens and are used for rewards for ColorFuse NFT holders. Learn more about CHROMA

How to be apart of the airdrop?

In order to receive $CHROMA tokens during the airdrop you must hold at least one ColorFuse CNFT in your wallet. That's it. As long as this NFT is in your wallet you will get your CHROMA tokens in the drop.